We are a one stop shop of wear resistant mateirals for complete wear solutions.

Why Choose Us

Why choose Aland?

To extend the service life of products, reduce your operating costs!


Innovation ability

New product development has always been at the heart of ALAND. We continue to provide innovative products and support improvements to existing anti-wear solutions.


Quality guarantee

Superior product performance is the cornerstone of ALAND's development. Years of practice have proven that our products can effectively reduce your downtime!


Excellent service

Constant communication with customers is ALAND's core competence. We provide a wide range of technical support for your development escort!

our aims

Our Aims

We have a high quality research and development team composed of design and production engineers, to ensure stable product quality, continuous development of product wear resistance is the belief that ALAND people continue to pursue. We will closely follow the needs of customers, develop exclusive anti-wear programs, and timely provide technical support in all aspects! Through exposure and involvement in a variety of complex operating environments, ALAND continuously improves product performance and design solutions to meet your needs and reduce your operating costs.